Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mellow Yellow Inspiration

 I can't wait for summer and the greyness around me at the moment can become quite frankly a bit much. No worries, there is nothing quite like putting a bit color in your life and one of the ways is sprucing up an outfit with a bit of yellow. I'm not one of the greatest of yellow proponents, yet there is nothing like moving out of your comfort zone and embracing another color. At least we can always start small with a nice little accessory like a handbag or something.
 A yellow couch can make a room look sunny and cheerful and warm.
 Yellow can bring a bit of sunniness for a wedding.
 Having one's morning cuppa from this little set will definitely brighten up any day, even a glass can become quite sunny.
  Here's a bit more sunniness to explore.
  Doing a Cape Town Ramble can become quite sunny, sloshing through mud. Working on my sunniness.
Having that most important meal of the day... you know that thing called breakfast can become sunny with a kitchen sparkling of all it's yellowishness and sunniness.

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