Monday, September 24, 2012

Skydiving in Cape Town

To be young and carefree? Those times when you didn't really know what heights, inner fears, over thinking things, really are. Those times when come to think of it jumping out of a plane is nothing, it's just a whoosh and there you go.

When I looked at my daughter today and we raised the question if she really wanted to skydive, the answer was yes, when we asked her are you afraid the answer was no. So the more I think she has to be afraid because I am, and the more nervous I'm getting for her, the less fear, nervous, scared she is. This made me realise we put ourselves into these little boxes of conformity called comfort zones. To move out of those little zones all you need is a small little jump, if there are no planes close by, a figuratively jump is all you need.

Spending the day with all the kids just showed me again how lucky we are to have them in our lives. They are small little blessings.When you see the smile and confidence on their faces, the happiness, the fact that they did it, they made it, they jumped, that's just the bestest thing ever. The kids skydived through Skydive Cape Town and I have to say, they are very good, very professional and really looked after the kids. As the kids are our little precious gems. On the flip side maybe just maybe next time the Moms and Dads would have a go at it, who knows...... For me the moment when the kids jumped out the plane I realised that we just have to live in the moment, enjoy the moment and let all the worries go. Sometimes we want to box the kids into small little spaces and don't want them to go explore and push the limits. As parents we're afraid of them getting hurt. The lesson I learned today let the kids be kids, let them enjoy their lives and not worry about too many things. In the end things would work out the way it should ... all of them landed with both feet on the ground.

 The "small" little planes
 The "small" little parachutes
 The "before" smiles
 Getting ready - the joy on the face - "confidence" speaks for itself
 Just a little while longer .......
 Nearly there - all geared up and
 ready to go
 The "after" smiles

I'm sharing some video shots of the day. It is just one of the bestest experiences and the kids joy speaks for itself. If you ever want to jump out of a plane, tandem is the way to go, no worries. Just go for it...... that is advice from the kids mind you.


  1. LOvely pictures & videos! It must have been an amazing experience - both for the children to jump & fly, and to your parents watching them :-)
    Thank you for your sweet words & popping by my blog!

  2. Thanks for you kind words. It's definately on my own bucket list. If the kids can do it, what's more to say we can't.


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