Monday, October 1, 2012

Blouberg Beach

It's the start of summer for us and if you ever wondered what you could do for a Sunday afternoon look no further than Blouberg Beach. There is nothing as de-stressing than having a view of Table Mountain, the sea in front of you and Moyo's at the back of you if you go to Blouberg Beach. So if the kids go galavanting in the sea, you can do your de-stressing thing by sipping a cuppa under some serious shade while looking at some serious wild life and sometimes wonder down to the beach while getting your toes wet in some serious icy water. Believe me when I say "icy" water, it's like brainfreeze for toes. It's very very cold and if you do venture into the water you are very very brave. That's why I'm so glad I do the camera thing and when the kids asked about mwa venturing into some "icy" sea - I have the excuse of taking the photographs for future generations and capturing the moments for prosperity. This made me think of all the old vintage photographs of our grandma's and mom's going to the beach in the 60's and this is my homage to them.

The view is absolutely amazing 
Getting the toes wet, the first bits of summer, sand, sea, wind
 the local wildlife
 Off body boarding - not me - I'm the one with the camera
 Luv Luv Luv the Joy on their faces - just plain Joyfullness, happiness
Amazing Amazing Kids

PS - the kids got me going and asked me to take them to the beach, sometimes it just takes a nudge for us to move into a moment. All around us there is amazing things to do and explore. The challenge is to be explorers of your town, city, province. It is amazing the small little places you find that inspires your soul, recharges your batteries and brings forth moments of happiness and fond memories.

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