Monday, October 8, 2012

Green Market Square Cape Town

We did some shopping at Green Market Square. My friend bought her daughter a nice "Cape Town" bag.  The thing about Green Market Square is - it's one of those places you just have to visit if you are ever in Cape Town. It's a taste of the Africanness of Africa in the middle of cosmopolitaness. The market is actually surrounded by restaurants with French, Italian, Malay, African flavour. This brings the cosmopolitaness to this little square in the heart of the city. In previous years they used to sell jewellery, sandals etc, but of late most of the market consist of African curios. Just so that you know - bartering is well accepted at the stalls. A little bit of history of the square it is the second oldest built meeting place in Cape Town and was built in 1696. The square is close to Adderley Street, Company Gardens, the museum route and is in walking distance to some other serious shopping in Long Street.It's really a fun way of spending a morning. Just wear comfortable shoes - is all I can say - as I had on these pair of wedges - that did not go down well on the cobblestones. My inspiration to you all for the day - go forth and explore. You never know if you would have such gems in your own little town or city.


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