Monday, October 15, 2012

Lady Peculiar

I luv everything Lady Peculiar. It is just one of the nicest jewelry shops in Stellenbosch. If you are in Stellenbosch, want to visit Stellenbosch, holiday in Stellenbosch - you just have to put Lady Peculiar into your little black book of places to visit if you are in that "shopping" space. Every time I visit the shop I see something different or have a different experience. Even though I walked away with my little acorn, I just could not decide on one of the rings below. I just luv them all, I luv the writings on them, the little flowers, the scallops, little cupcakes on the rings, they are just so cute. It's terrible when you can't decide. The lucky part is that they do have an on-line shop and I did before I left measured my ring finger, so at least I can do some drooling on-line and let my  little fingers do some shopping when I eventually decide on which ring I want to get. My mind is wondering towards the "skattebol" ring or the "mooi" ring. Who knows what I'm going to decide - it's a mystery at the moment.
This little item found a home with me.
These little brooches were just so sweet.
I luv, luv. luv these handbags.
According to my friend, this is a go to item in any wardrobe.

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