Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creative Evening Date Time Venue

To start off with everyone needs a To Do List.
This is a given as sometimes small little details would get lost and this would elevate those stress levels. I have a very simple To Do List which gives me the following : -
Firstly, I always check my diary to see which DATE would be comfortable or suitable for everyone. The end of the month is usually tied up with personal things, such as bills to pay. I usually make my Creative Evening about one week into the month. Everyone is a bit more relaxed and more flexible time wise.

TIMEWISE, sevenish is for me, a good time. This get's everyone to look after their families for the evening before going out.
The VENUE is always my home, its comfy, easy and everything is on hand.
If you have the Date, Time and Venue, that's the start of a great evening.
Tomorrow we'll look into how to choose a Theme and the Guest List.

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