Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Creative Evening Theme and Guest List

I keep the invite very simple, it's my friends, which make it easy. With invitations the most important information you need is the Date, Time, Venue (address), RSVP (contact number/e-mail address). If needed - the date your friends need to confirm. I usually phone a couple of days before the time to remind my friends of the date and time if they have RSVP'd.

I intermingle my friends, or mix them up sometimes, yet I keep in mind their personalities and their similarities. It's nice to see my friends who sometimes only know me, get to know each other, and out of these evenings other friendships blossom. Personally it's very rewarding. It's surprising to see how we connect with one another and how motherhood, work, wifelyhood are an equaliser to all of us. The differences we think we have is most of the time the similarities between us.
I keep my groups small. I usually have a maximum of 7 people, that's with me included. I could invite more, and I have, yet have found that with bigger groups I do not get to connect with everyone. For me personally it's about connecting, creating, catching up with my friends. It's about having a fun creative evening for all of us.

Choose a theme or color scheme you are comfortable with. Its about creating an atmosphere without breaking you bank account. Set yourself a budget what you would like to spend and keep to it. For this specific Creative Evening I used pinks. Instead of a table cloth I used brown craft paper and added some patterns and notes with white correction pens. The brown craft paper I buy in bulk at the beginning of a school term and keep a few rolls handy for such occasions. If you mess, which is going to happen it's on brown craft paper you can just tear it off at the end of the evening and throw it away. Don't have to worry about any spills.

I laid out a small little buffet carrying the pink theme and this made it very easy for everyone to help themselves. I have a mini earn and set that up, so instead of scurrying to and fro from the kitchen everyone could just get up when and when they wanted a cup of coffee or tea and help themselves. This is about comfort, being casual and just enjoying yourself as hostess.

I made a few pom poms and hung it from the roof. This made the room very cozy - my friends luved it.

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