Monday, June 3, 2013

A little bit of Blues

If you live in Cape Town, you will know that when I say - what a week we've had - that's exactly it - between storms, hail, rain, wind, cold and a little bit of snow. We're surviving. I've been out and about myself these last couple of days, life can get a bit hectic if you don't tell yourself to take a small little break. That's what I did, took a moment, a deep breath and feel all refreshed. I just want to say don't ever feel guilty to take some Me time. We all need it now and again.

I did get inspired along the road and now that I'm not having a blueish Monday. I just wanted to share the love of having something blue. I love blue and the different shades of blue. My entire home once had all these different various shades of blue in it. Love it still. That's why when I look at these inspirational photos it takes me back and want me to go back to my first love color - that is blue.

Enjoy the mood board I've put together on this not so Blueish Monday.


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