Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspirational Blogs I follow

It's raining and literally pouring with rain at the moment. For me this is cozy up, fire, latte, pancake, duvet kinda weather. Doing most of these things while reading a nice book or a few (blogs).

Today I'm sharing all the blogs I tend to wonder over to when in need of inspiration or to get myself in the mode to do something fun and/or laid back.

For this weekend nothing is better to cuddle up .........

and read something nice

Sweden with Love is another go to place for inspiration. It's set up in a magazine style and their is just so much lovely inspiring stories, mood boards, inspirational places, people, I just can go on and on. A must read every month.

another read
Heather Spriggs Creative. I love browsing through her blog. I always step away inspired. In your cuddling up I just know you would be to.

and find something warm and fuzzy to do

Cape Markets. If you ever want to find out what's happening in and around you, this is the place for your eyes to do some roaming for that all important shopping excursions for those I don't know what to do moments.

and make something nice

One of them are Spoonful of Sugar. They have the nicest tutorials if you want to make something quick and easy with fabric. I'm not the greatest seamstress and did not to shabby by following one of their tutorials. I made me some make up bags, that I'm quite proud of.

Venture forth, enjoy, take care and I'll be back with some more inspiration shortly.

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