Monday, July 22, 2013

The Sea and all its vastness

"They" say that nothing lifts up your spirits than being around water. Yesterday I took the test and "They" are correct in saying this. There is nothing like putting your toes in sand, wiggle them and getting them wet with water. Looking at this massive ocean, people walking on the sand, a few dogs running by, children laughing on this coldish wintry morning made my challenges look quite insignificant. Believe you me in my life I have quite some major challenges. What made this so special is when you look at water there is a reflection of some form, as if your life and who you are gets reflected back to you. As challenges go, what reflects back can either be seen as positive or negative and how do you deal with these challenges can define your life. That's big stuff, and all this big stuff get's floating around your mind when looking at the sea, what to let go and what to take on, what's important and what not. For me I realised I need to prioritise a few things in my life, let go of a few others and just work through the process. Take care of myself and what makes me happy. That's why I can declare today, the sea and all that water in all it's vastness is a calmness for me soul.


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