Friday, July 19, 2013

Robben Island

The middle of July brings forth Mandela Day. I work for an organisation that works within disadvantaged communities on a daily basis. That's why my little description of myself is that I love bringing smiles to kids faces. Just looking at them smiling, being who they are is such a joyful, happy experience. I call it my happiness moments.

This week again I was on the road doing "our" little thing. It was a bit hectic as I had to be at the airport at 5 in the morning, just so that you know, this didn't take away the happy feeling.

A food garden at a school in Shosgonguve.

Looking at this week in total it made me realise the #67 minutes is about giving to each other, not on just one day, it's all the small little things that make a difference in each others lives. Having friends who really, really care about you. Your family who sticks by you through thick and thin. Your co-workers who are absolutely awesome people to work with. I'm just so blessed. I realised that I am just so grateful for what I have and am so grateful that I have the greatest people to share my life with.

Being Mandela Day / Week it made me think back on a visit I had to Robben Island and what impact that had on me. This made me revisit what impact we have on each others lives and what do we want to achieve with our life. Personally for me it's not just the #67 minutes on a given day in a given year, it's all those small moments we share with people we meet, people we care about, people we work with. These are the moments we impact on each others lives and bring the joy and the good to each other. That's what were here for to share each other's joys and sadness. We are here to inspire each other to bring forth the best in each other. That's what Robben Island did for me.

Have a great awesome weekend.

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