Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photographic Playfulness

I've been doing some photographic playfulness these last couple of weeks. Working on angles, textures, light, corners, other views than normal, looking up, looking down, forward, going a bit skew. It really is great fun to do things a bit differently than normal. Not just having your normal photographic shot with everything all neat and tidy centred in the middle.

I have a bit of a challenge for you, take any form of something that can take a photograph and just play with different lights, angles and textures. You will see, it brings forth that creativeness inside a person to want to do more, something different next time. It makes you think of all the possibilities of what you can do. Again, it's the greatest fun.

Herewith a few of my shots taken on Saturday at the Paarl Monument, it's a great place for angles and textures. Going back the second time, made me think of things I missed the first time around and this time it was all about the texture and shapes.

Its me and hubby by the way, taken by our middlest.

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