Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 2 - Another Day of Togetherness

Another day of Togetherness.

Today I want you to spoil yourself. Take yourself for Coffee as you would a friend. Buy yourself a nice slice of cake with that coffee. Don't feel guilty about it. Take out your journal and as you ask yourself your 10 questions and write them down. Sometimes by writing your answers you can be objective about it. What advice would you give yourself if you were a friend. Good advice, bad advice. Have a little mini moment all by yourself. It's all OK in the big universe of things.

Here’s your questions of the day.

  • What would you do with an afternoon free. Name it, plan your day. Make a plan to action it
  • How much time do you spend for things you can’t find? How would you organize things in order not to keep searching for misplaced items. An example would be have a nice key tray to keep all keys in one place.
  • Do you work constantly? Is it necessary or does time management come to play. What can you change?
  • Do you work well under pressure? If not why not. If you do why? What can you change to make things better.
  • What are you most proud of? Write everything down.
  • What are your values? I will be doing a workshop on values shortly. Just want you to start thinking about it for the moment.
  • What are your goals? I will be doing a workshop on goals shortly. Just want you to start thinking about it for the moment.
  • In which area do you feel the most in control? Why?
  • In which areas do you feel the least in control? Why?
  • If something is forbidden, do you want it less or more?

Take care and tomorrow I'll be back with 10 more questions for you.

Lotsa Luv

A few more BONUS questions for the day

  • Can you make a decision? How quickly.
  • What would you do with an extra room in your home?
  • What are you the most grateful for in life?
  • If you where an animal, what would you be and why?
  • List your top hobby and why?

Tomorrow you'll be answering another ten questions.
8 More Days To Go.

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