Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Castle of Good Hope

Cape Town has so much to offer from the City Centre. Another quick to do is visiting the Castle of Good Hope, it's literally next to the Cape Town station, you only have to walk about 10 minutes and you're at the Castle. The other nice thing is that there is parking available behind the Castle for free. There's not much for free these days and parking can become quite expensive, so there you have it another incentive to go visit the Castle. The Castle is one of the oldest and if not the oldest building in Cape Town, you can see the entire City from its five corners. I remember going back to school years and we had to learn the five names of the five corners being Catzenellenbogen, Nassau, Buuren, Leerdam and Oranje. So does this trigger a memory for you as well. Inside the Castle you can visit the museums and you can have some coffee on the go. You can even be locked into the black hole where prisoners where locked up. It is just a black hole with one small sliver of light coming through a wall. The other nice thing about the Castle they have guided tours and you can join one of the tours for a walk about while you get updated on all the history in relation to the Castle. You can even watch a Key Ceremony on Wednesdays, it's quite nice to watch. Just to give you some more incentives to put it into your little black book of things to do these holidays I'm sharing some snapshots from one of my visits. From the Cape Castle you can also do some tunnel explorations under Cape Town. It's also great fun, but only if you're not claustrophobic, have no fear about local animals, dark spaces, drizzly water and traffic overhead, other than that, I would say just go for it.


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